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How TRVs work for you.
Improve comfort and lower heating costs with Danfoss TRVs.
Danfoss introduced TRV technology in 1943. Since then, Danfoss has become the world leader in thermostatic radiator valves. Today, millions of TRVs are used all over the world, because they are an affordable way to improve comfort and lower heating costs.
Watch how the TRV’s gas-filled design works

Exclusive gas-filled design:
Our design uses an exclusive gas fill, which reacts faster to changing temperatures than other designs. The result: better heat distribution and greater energy savings.

Watch how the TRV's gas-filled design works
Easy to apply in any room.
Your heating contractor can put a TRV on any number of radiators as required by your needs.

Standard hot water/two pipe low pressure steam model
Standard hot water/two pipe low pressure
steam model

This model with combined dial/operator/ sensor is ideal for baseboard and free standing radiators where the thermostatic operator is not obstructed by furnishings that hinder the movement of air across the sensors. (The operator is always installed horizontally.)
Operator with separate, remote dial/sensor
Operator with separate, remote dial/sensor
This model is ideal for convectors and baseboards where the dial must be mounted away from the valve, due to enclosure design, piping, or convenience considerations. The remote sensor is placed beneath the radiation or on a draft-free wall.
Easy to use—just turn the dial
Easy to use—just turn the dial:
The desired control temperature is set by rotating the dial (sensor head) to the setting appropriate to the space—hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms can all be at a different temperature. It’s that easy!
Easy to install—no fuss:
Installing a TRV is an easy plumbing job. TRVs still use the overall control of electric thermostats or other controls. TRVs control flow through individual radiators, but do not switch the boiler on or off. Various applications and furnishings require different installation techniques. Consult your heating contractor to learn more.

See how easily a TRV can be installed by your home heating contractor.

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